Every single one of us is guilty of wanting a hair texture that is the complete opposite of our natural texture. There are basically 6 types of hair textures: fine, straight, wavy, course, frizzy, and curly. Keep in mind that you can easily be a combination of textures. Here are a few rules every woman should know to work her natural hair texture(s), the way the universe intended.

Curly Qs: Curly hair tends to look better long. The weight of longer hair helps to weigh it down so that it does not puff up into a knotted ball. Try Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment to relax crazy curls.

Fine Hair: Fine hair, unlike curly hair, tends to look better short. It needs the body to look voluminous. Try Shu Uemura Ample Mousse Volumizing Light Foam to pump up the volume.

Bangin’ Bangs: Bangs work best on course, straight hair.

Wavy Woes: Everybody’s hair has a natural wave to it. Next time you’re drying your hair, scrunch it with a towel to create beach waves. It’s a nice alternative to endless products and hot tools. Try Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray for gorgeous beachy waves.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images.