Laser lipolysis, a new low-invasive laser treatment, promises the same fat trimming effects as abdominoplasty but without the risks of surgical procedure.

Different than a standard liposuction in its collagen induced tightening of skin, the new procedure uses thermal energy (heat) to literally melt fat off the body.

According to Dr. Abbas Chamsuddin, currently leading a study on laser lipolysis at the Center for Laser and Interventional Surgery in Atlanta, GA, “The laser uses targeted energy to "zero in" on the fat, without affecting the other tissue, enabling a faster recovery.” Collagen, the main protein in skin that gives tone and texture, is then released afterward to prevent sagging.

While still in its research stages, the procedure offers a futuristic (and a little scary!) alternative to the traditional tummy tuck. Meanwhile, we’ll just stick to Pilates.

Photo courtesy of Made In China.