Q: I was wondering if you could give me some guidance. I am very interested in purchasing the Starter Kit combo, but I wanted to know what face wash to use in conjunction with it? Currently I use a glycolic acid face wash from Jan Marini. I still have a lot of it left, and would like to not have to purchase a new face wash if it's not necessary right now. Will the glycolic acid in the face wash cause problems with the Restorsea cream?

A: Unfortunately, I can’t recommend using the glycolic wash with our products. This is because of the differing pH levels. Restorsea’s enzyme lives at a pH level above 7.0 whereas all other enzymes including glycolic acid live at a pH of 4.0 and below. Low pH products are highly acidic which accounts for their peeling nature. The reason why our enzyme exfoliates like glycolic acid but without any of the side effects is that its pH is alkaline (not acidic). This is why the baby salmon can release the enzyme, as it dissolves a portion of the egg shell and enables them to swim safely out.

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Photo courtesy TheBeautyBean.com