The Mario Russo Salon in Boston, Massachusetts may have found a new way to recommend skin care treatment based on DNA blueprints.

For $350, the salon’s service uses DNA to determine how skin will react to treatments. They provide recommendations for skincare routines, and issue customized skin creams to patients.

The first appointment consists of an epidermal peel, DNA test, and a cheek swab, all of which is sent out to a genetics lab. Once the results come in, the customer is issued their designated treatment.

One patient and local reporter, Kate Jackson, was invited back to the salon after two weeks of lab testing to receive a "LED photopulsation" treatment aimed to rejuvenate, even out and tighten the skin.

According to Jackson, her crow’s feet and other fine lines were less pronounced and her skin had felt smoother than it had in years.

Although this new approach seems to have beneficial results, there still hasn't been any scientific research looking at DNA as a reliable guide for determining your skin care regimen.

Photo courtesy Dr.Dean Lodding