Q: Patti, between the serum and night cream, which one is better for firming and lifting?

A:  Great question. The Restoring Night Cream is the better product for firming and lifting. 

While incredibly powerful, the Renormalizing Serum is better for evening out skin tone/imperfections.  In addition to our proprietary and patented Aquabeautine XL® enzyme, we have added the Songyi Mushroom, a natural extract that I discovered through my Asian travels. 

But remember in order to achieve maximum effects, you need to use either product (and the Rejuvenating Day Cream) every day, twice a day (AM/PM) for 12 weeks.  If you follow my instructions for use and at the end of 12 weeks are not completely delighted with the transformation of your skin, I will refund your purchase price. 

Please feel free to email me at pattipao@restorsea.com if you have questions or desire further information.