For those of you who haven't been following our progress on our new office at 641 Lexington, you may not be aware Mr. Siu, Feng Shui expert, has played an integral role in the design and construction of the space.   Today, Mr. Siu, Feng Shui expert revisited the Restorsea space and evaluated its more complete state.  Upon arriving, Mr. Siu blessed the space, with our Founder/CEO Patti Pao and Patti's fabulous mother, Joanne.

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On the table we have a variety of items.  The cabbage signifies prosperity as its Chinese pronunciation "cai" is the same as the pronunciation for the word for prosperity.  The peanuts also represent prosperity and furthermore, growth.   The banana, pronounced "xiang jiao" in Chinese, signifies all of this coming forward, with forward pronounced "jiao" in Chinese.   The pineapple represents treasure as its pronunciation "buo luo" is similar to the pronunciation of the word precious and treasure "bao").  The pears and persimmons represent good luck. Thank you Mr. Siu for your blessing of the space.  We look forward to our journey ahead!