Staying in shape isn’t the easiest thing to do. With full time jobs, evening plans, and movies to see, who has time to hit the gym on a regular basis? And also, like, running is hard!

Well, thanks to a new drug tested at UCSF, cardio time may soon be a thing of the past.           

The world’s first fat-dissolving injectable, ATX101, is currently in its last round of testing by the Food and Drug Administration after three complete years of clinical trials.

The drug’s active ingredient is sodium deoxycholate, a biosalt similar to the one that intestines produce to digest fats, and basically works to break down the fat cells our body gathers through eating.

While currently designed to target ‘submental’ fat areas (the double chin), if approved, the drug could completely change exercise as we know it! 

Photo courtesy of Kythera.