After the idea for Restorsea was born, Patti, a true believer in feng shui, believed that the company would take off and be prosperous in the same space in which her consulting business, The Pao Principle, succeeded upon its conception. That space? Patti's apartment on E. 93rd Street. The time came to call in the troops to transform the two-bedroom apartment into an office. Stephanie Shalofsky, a professional organizer at The Organizing Zone, helped Patti maximize the utility of her apartment space. She provided the vision and organizational skills to transform this apartment into an environment that would support Restorsea's collaborative office culture. Patti was so impressed with Stephanie that she invited her to join the Restorsea team as our Office Administrator. See before and after pictures after the jump. The Guest Bedroom: The guest bedroom was transformed into an office that could fit three desks with room to spare. This office set up encourages interaction between the members of the team. The Living Room: The beautiful living room once filled with gorgeous sofas and furniture was transformed into Restorsea's conference room. A conference table with four chairs and four desks sit very comfortably in this space. [slideshow] The transition was a smooth one; we're loving our new and improved space!