Q: Do you recommend using the Day Cream on the décolletage area and the hands?

A: No. While I love the Day Cream, it is not appropriate for any area other than the face. The areas of the body are different and product needs to be formulated to address these differences to insure efficacy. For example:

The face is the easiest area of the body to heal in that it has thick skin, a lot of muscle tone and most importantly, a high number of sebaceous glands which promote healing.

The neck and décolletage area lack muscle tone and sebaceous glands. This is why you need to use a product specifically designed for these areas. We will be launching our neck and décolletage product in the second half of 2014, so please stay tuned!

The hands are the hardest area of the body to heal because the skin thins as we age. There are no sebaceous glands and no muscle tone. Our Repairing Hand Treatment launched March 1st, so I recommend you give it a try! I call it the “Million Dollar” hand cream because I gave a lab sample to an investor and a week later he wrote back: “I LOVE THE HAND CREAM! My eczema is gone. My hands are blemish-free. Sign me up for a million and I want a 10 year supply!”

If you love what the Day Cream is doing with your facial skin, I would recommend that you try the Body Butter. This was developed to treat the extremities, which have no sebaceous glands but a lot of muscle tone and thick skin.