We’ve all heard that too much sun can cause premature wrinkles and aging. Most of us know to wear sunscreen when we’re enjoying the weather on sunny days. But what if we were to wear SPF every day all the time?

A new study of 900 people conducted exactly this experiment. Half of the participants were told to continue their usual practices and half of the participants were directed to slather on sunscreen daily.

The New York Times reports that after four and a half years, the group that wore sunscreen daily had noticeably smoother and more resilient skin than the other group. Says Dr. Gilchrest, Boston University dermatology professor, “[The research] makes it clear that extensive, consistent use of sunscreen can alter a pattern of what would be an inevitable progression of photo-aging.” He also notes, “They were not taking the worst sun offenders and taking them out of the sun. Everyone had pretty darn good sun-protection habits to begin with.” 

Definitely makes you think about adding sunscreen to your everyday morning ritual! What would we do without our Rejuvenating Day Lotion SPF 30

Photo courtesy of The New York Times.