Q: Will Restorsea ever produce a collagen stimulator? Are such products good for those who suffer from loss of volume?

A: It is difficult to come up with a collagen stimulator without damaging the skin. The best example of a collagen stimulator are laser treatments (e.g. Fraxel), which work by poking tiny holes beneath the skin (e.g. the subcutaneous layer). By doing so, the device is tricking the skin’s natural repair system to produce additional collagen to heal the wound. While effective, I feel this method is very invasive and also involves down time of red, thinning peeling skin that is sensitive to light. The reason why I love Restorsea is that our products contain the enzyme Aquabeautine XL® which only dissolves dead skin cells allowing living skin cells to flourish and thrive. But in order for it to work, you must apply the enzyme twice a day every day to the face. This means at the very minimum you need to use the Day Cream and Eye Cream.





Photo courtesy Rejuven