Cycling is an effective form of exercising (great for your heart, increases coordination, etc.) but isn’t always the most convenient.

You either have to find a good studio for indoor biking (I personally don’t buy into the SoulCycle hype) or purchase an expensive bike, helmet and lock for cruising on the street. Not to mention parking.

Fortunately, Citibank combines the rental quality of studio cycling with the outdoor experience, allowing Manhattan-ites (and Park Slope-ians) to bike as they please on a come and go basis.

Available 24 hours a day the NYC Bike Share Program allows you to check out a bike from any Citi Bike location (there are a million in the city) at different priced plans (the week-long plan seems the most cost effective) and check them back in whenever you’re through. No need to worry about finding a temporary home as you can return any bike at any location. 

All you have to worry about is not getting lost!





Photo courtesy of Gud Photo