Nicole Bryl is a makeup goddess known for her artistry in both worlds of celebrity (Naomi Watts, Molly Sims, Debra Messing) and fashion (Mary Alice Stephenson, Christian Lacroix, The Hilfiger Family).

We’re kind of obsessed with her, and luckily, she’s kind of obsessed with us, so naturally a blog-versation was in order. See below!  

Restorsea: At 16 you had a very early entryway into the fashion world. How did you end up working with famed photographer Roxanne Lowit?

Nicole Bryl: I went to a very small European artistic high school on the Upper East Side called The Rudolf Steiner School, where I was friends with Roxanne’s daughter Vanessa Salle. Back then we were thick as thieves, and when it came time for summer vacation Vanessa flew off to Paris and suggested I jump on a flight to Europe as well. I flew over, and two weeks later in Paris, we became Roxanne’s youngest protégées, going to every Haute Couture show she worked. I had always known she was a fashion photographer, but to be honest [until then] she was just Vanessa’s mom; I never realized I was standing in the presence of a legend.

R: What a great start! And now you’re a legend in your own right in fashion and makeup artistry. Speaking of which, any products you’re obsessed with right now?

N: Besides Restorsea's Rejuvenating Day Cream and Revitalizing Eye Cream??? I'd say Melania Trump's exfoliating face peel. It exfoliates the face really well but leaves your skin totally hydrated after you wash it off. Baby fresh skin! Love it!

R: Do any of your clients encounter makeup related breakouts? Are there any tips you’d recommend to prevent that?

N: Yes, while it’s true that you can experience makeup related breakouts due to not taking off your makeup at night or washing your face correctly afterwards, I would say most people experience breakouts due to the crap they put into their bodies. Our liver has to filter all of what we eat, and foods that are mostly processed and don’t have enough raw green life/veggies, set us up not only for breakouts, but premature aging too.

A good way to add some balance to this is to find a good cleanse that gives you the correct nutrients to your system on a daily basis. Personally I use, love and incorporate the Isagenix products into my daily nutrients. They have yummy easy to use protein shakes, greens to add to the shake, snacks and cleaning juices which I have been using week after week to keep me balanced. They keeps my energy up during my long work days which sometimes begin at 4am, keeps me cleansed, keeps my mind focused and keeps my skin glowing from the inside out.

Thanks for the insight Nicole, we’ll see you soon for a touch up!

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Photo courtesy of Nicole Bryl.