Even though she looks like a model herself, Tonya “Carter” Ayer makes her living on the other side of the camera, as a makeup artist at Warren-Tricomi NYC. Better known to us as Patti’s personal go-to gal, we rushed at the chance to nab a few tips.

Restorsea: What are your best DIY beauty secrets you can share?  

Tonya “Carter” Ayer: I think one of the craziest beauty remedies that I have tried would be making a paste from water and aspirin and putting it on a pimple to reduce swelling and redness. Definitely different but it worked. Another, to eliminate hyper pigmentation, dark circles, sun spots or maybe even to cover a tattoo, is to apply either a matte orange lipstick or eye shadow to the area, then apply your favorite full coverage concealer over it. It looks weird at first but it works!

R: What about traditional uses for makeup—what are you’re favorite makeup products right now?

T: My favorite make-up product would have to be my lip exfoliator plumper stick. One side is all natural sugar exfoliator. You just rub your lips together gently and then eat it away or wipe it off, and on the other side you apply lip conditioner plumper that gives you a nice plump, smooth, moisturized and healthy looking lip.

R: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what else do you think you would be doing?

T: I really cant see myself not doing something that I love and that is my passion, but If I wasn't doing makeup, I’d most likely would use my fashion styling expertise and open my own boutique.

R: Give us one last secret; what’s something your clients would be surprised to find out?

T: Probably that I'm going to be 34 years old this summer. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them how old I am.

You sure fooled us!

Photo courtesy of Tonya “Carter” Ayer.