We met Suzan a few weeks ago in the NewBeauty lounge at our Curator event in Newport Beach. We were so impressed by her handbag line, Jessica Grant, (of which, Patti nabbed the perfect clutch), and her glowing skin that we had to stay friends.

Check out our interview below, and don’t forget to visit Suzan’s website for more information about Jessica Grant!

Restorsea: Every day on our blog Patti gives out her Patti’s Picks, what are some of Suzan’s Picks right now?

Suzan Lee Paek: Always need a classic black dress - simple lines that carry you from day to evening; quiet time to think, reflect, meditate, and plan; Hamamori in Costa Mesa - anytime I can go and get a little sushi is a big treat; Fashion exhibits! I loved the YSL exhibit at the DeYoung and the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET; curling up with a great book - if I can sit and read a book for a few hours in the warm sun I am so content.

R: All of your picks are perfect! Moving to your own work, where do you find inspiration for your bags?

S: I started designing handbags as a young child with scraps of fabric from my mother's sewing projects. I made outfits and bags with these little bits of fabric and turned them into a fashionable doll collection. This hobby turned into making bags for my friends as gifts as I got older.

Today, I am inspired by everything: running errand, work, everyday activities. I want my handbags to be of value and I want the bags to not only be beautiful, I want them to enhance a woman's functioning capacity. One organized handbag makes a woman's life so much easier!

R: That’s so anthropological. If you weren’t designing bags, what else do you think you would be doing?

S: I would be a teacher teaching design and color theory.

R: Makes sense – all your bags have such great use of color! What are you looking forward to most this Spring? 

S: Warm weather, strolls to the beach, sitting in the warm sun, reading a good book, and feeling the ocean breeze engulf the moment.

Us too Suzan, us too. Thanks for the chat, hope to see you (and the sun) soon!

Photo courtesy of Suzan Lee Paek.