Even though we’ve chatted with our friend and makeup artist extraordinaire Paige Padgett many times in the past, we just love her so much that we had to sit down with her again for our blog!

Find out a little bit more about our favorite green beauty expert below:

Restorsea: Every day on our blog Patti gives out her Patti’s Picks, what are some of Paige’s Picks right now?

P: Organic foods, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVDs, Zuzu’s Luxe Brow Pencil, Tickets to see Jay-Z in concert in July, and, of course, Restorsea’s entire line of skin care products.

R: We’re touched! What is the craziest beauty remedy you’ve tried?

P: I never go for fad diets or beauty products ever...I am too practical.

R: Speaking of beauty products, what was your inspiration behind your website?

P: My website was intended to be a place of resource for those seeking cleaner non-toxic beauty options and to help them navigate how to find and use them, and to explain which of them are the best, and why.

R: If you weren’t writing about green products, what else would you be doing?

P: Exactly what I am doing now--makeup artistry. If I had another career it would be as an archaeologist or software designer.

R: How different! What else would your readers be surprised to find out about you?

P: Good question, my life is practically an open book. I tweet so much of my personal life. I guess I would say that I use fewer beauty products than many women. I am pretty simple with my beauty routine and wear little makeup on a daily basis. I do take lots of supplements. It's the one thing I consistently spend money on.

R: Other than look fantastic, what are you most looking forward to over the next couple of months?

P: A vacation. I am traveling on a tour bus for 7 weeks for work. When I get home I'll stay put for a month then I want to take a long vacation to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

You and us both, Paige - thanks for the chat! 

Photo courtesy of Paige Padgett.