Not only is designer Roberta Freymann one of Patti’s personal picks, but with her tapestries of color and eclectic designs, she’s an all-around Restorsea favorite as well!

Restorsea: Every day on our blog Patti gives out her Patti’s Picks, what are some of Robeta’s Picks right now?

Roberta Freymann: Sleep [us too!], good genes help too; my morning Yoga routine keeps me energized between traveling and running my business; a grilled fillet of fish, seaside (and sweets of course!); I collect Latin-American art and am looking forward to seeing the emerging  artists at this year’s Museo del Barrio’s Biennale; and quality time with my dogs Alfa and Romeo.

R: What’s the craziest beauty Remedy you’ve tried?

RF: Between visiting markets, souks and factories my trips are all about long days so by the end of the day I am notorious for luxe pedicures (Imperial Hotel in Delhi is a must.) During one of my trips to Thailand a friend recommended I try a live fish pedicure.  That experience lasted about 5 seconds… I couldn’t go through with it!

R: Speaking of your travels, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

RF: Punta del Este, Uruguay (where I opened a store last year with my daughter Gabriela), St. Tropez, Ibiza and so many more. My favorites are actually those places that I am yet to explore like Africa, Bali, and Troncoso in Brazil.

R: We’re jealous, that sounds amazing! What are you currently working on design-wise?

RF: For Fall it’s all about luxurious textures & embroideries. You can expect to see a lot of cashmere, silk and some velvet. Of course I also have prepared a vast array of my signature bibs & clutches.  My advice: get in stores early to snag some of our one-of-a-kind pashminas.

R: Fall is a bit far for us, what are you looking forward the most this summer?

RF: Seeing my granddaughters Ofelia and Penelope. They will be visiting from Argentina for the summer!

Photo courtesy of Roberta Freymann.