Last week we caught up with our friends Claire and Erica of Of a Kind, in the first of our Chatting With Our Friends series. This week we’re going Polynesian with one of our favorite designers: Mara Hoffman!

Known for her eclectic prints, resort wear drapery, and itty bitty bikinis, Mara certainly knows how to make a woman look good. With this in mind, we set out to see how she does it for herself. Check out our interview below!

Restorsea: What is the craziest beauty remedy you’ve tried?

Mara Hoffman: When I was younger I tried using mayonnaise in my hair as a conditioner. It actually worked pretty well but the smell was NOT worth it.

R: Sounds very sandwich-y. What about any personal style icon?

M: Frida Kahlo and Cher in the 1970's. They are icons that were fearless in their lives, and it’s clearly reflected in their style.

R: If you weren’t designing clothes what else would you be doing?

M: I'd probably be meditating in a cave or a member of Cirque Du Soleil.

R: If only there was enough time in the day. Every day on our blog Patti gives out her Patti’s Picks, what are some of Mara’s Picks right now?

M: I’m currently obsessed with: Light washes of denim, Dr. Lipman's Complete Multivitamin Dietary Supplements, Eating outside at Rosarito's in Williamsburg (they have the best Mexican seafood!), The Gravity & Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui showing at the Brooklyn Museum, and major family time outside at flea markets and hanging out at the park.

R: Love it! What would your fans be surprised to find out about you?

M: I wear a Canadian tuxedo to work every day (denim on denim on denim).

R: Very Justin and Britney circa 2001. What are you most looking forward to over the next couple of months?

M: Warm weather! Mexican beaches with my husband. My upcoming resort/swim collection, it’s inspired by India, using bold patterns and colors to celebrate life and light (as usual), and I can’t wait to show it in Miami this July!

Thanks Mara, we can’t wait to see it either!  

Photo courtesy of Mara Hoffman.