Chatting With Our Friends is Restorsea's new blog series where we do, well, just that – catch up with our friends! This includes a network of tastemakers, designers, expert bloggers, it-girls, and more from the worlds of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

In our first conversation, we spoke with the hilarious Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, the duo behind the independent fashion and design blog Of a Kind.

Restorsea: What is the craziest beauty remedy you’ve tried?
Claire Mazur: This one’s easy. Hask animal placenta for my hair. It sounds disgusting but it works as an amazing deep conditioner and adds a lot of shine too.
Erica Cerulo: Coconut oil! It’s not just for cooking. It’s unbelievably cheap and makes a great body moisturizer.

R: Who are your personal style and/or beauty icons?
C: So many of my friends! And one of our interns! I tend to cop my best tricks from people I know more often than celebs.
E: Suri Cruise! I want to be her when I grow up/grow down.

R: What are your favorite magazines or other online publications?
C: I love Gentlewoman. It’s about ambitious and successful women who aren’t necessarily the most famous but are always the most fascinating. It’s beautifully designed and looks like it should be totally pretentious it somehow comes across as fairly down to earth.
E: I’m an obsessive reader of the beauty site Into the Gloss—everything they write is both aspirational and accessible at once, and I don’t know how that’s possible!

R: What would your readers be surprised to find out about you?
Both: Have you read our website? We are horrible at keeping secrets. Erica has a pet bunny, Claire’s AOL screenname when she was 16 was DKNYClaire, and we both dated Division 3 basketball players when were in college. It’s all out there.

R: What are you most looking forward to over the next couple of months?
C: I’m taking my first beach trip in...well, ever, really. My boyfriend and I are headed to Tulum over Memorial Day and so far the anticipation alone has been worth every penny.
E: Warmer weather and hanging out outside! My BF and I are attempting a pact to spend Saturday mornings getting fresh air—biking to Fort Tilden, playing tennis, and, okay, maybe just eating brunch al fresco.

Thanks ladies! Stick tuned for more surprises!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Beck.