Did you miss our exclusive interview with Tina Craig + Kelly Cook? Take a look at what they had to say about beauty, life, careers, and Restorsea!

Who Are They: Tina Craig and Kelly Cook are the fabulous founders/chief editors of Bagsnob.com. If you’re a connoisseur of all things fashion like we are—this is the place to get all the best information.  Tina and Kelly are some seriously fashionable and business savvy mothers, being pioneers of fashion related social media platforms.


Restorsea: What is the craziest beauty remedy, product or service that you have tried?

Tina: I've tried lots of really crazy treatments and products. Sitting in a pool with tiny fish that nibble off the dead layer of your skin, digital acupuncture needle treatments where your face is punctured by electronic acupuncture needles 2,000 times and eating chicken butts because my grandmother told me it would make me pretty when I grew up. 

Kelly: The ODonna skin treatment uses ground up sea urchin spikes to cut through the surface so that the very powerful ingredients, Ultraquin LC, KojiLac acid, and copper peptides, will penetrate the skin. You leave this mask on all day, so you look like a freak with this yellow paste on. When you wash it off in the evening, the stinging and the abrasion is so severe you will cry. Then comes the aftermath, for 3-5 days, your entire face will peel and your face is flaming red. But once all that is done, you have baby soft skin that is so incredible you will, for a moment, feel that all of it was worth it.


R: What was the inspiration for your website?

T: Our love of bags of course!

K: A lifelong obsession with bags and fashion that needed an outlet before I drove my husband crazy with incessant talk about subjects he cared nothing about.


R: Who are your personal style and/or beauty icons?

T: Tilda Swinton. Whenever I see her in structured Haider Ackermann suits, I want to marry her.

K: I love Jennifer Lopez even though my personal style is totally different; I'm very casual and sporty. I like women who are not afraid to show their personalities.


R: What would you be doing if you weren’t creating content for your site?

T: I'd be creating content and shopping for my friends. I've been curating things for friends since the 3rd grade and telling people what to buy. The blog is just an extension of what I've always done, except now I'm doing it for hundreds of thousands of women (and men!) around the world. 

K: I would pretty much be doing the same thing, the only difference would that none of it would be published. I think what our readers relate to the most is the fact that we are living our lives and sharing the style, fashion and lifestyle we are actually experiencing.

R: What are your favorite magazines or other online publications?

T: Who What Wear, Business of Fashion, Fashionista and Style.comVanity Fair, Vogue, & Bazaar

K: I love reading gossip sites for the snarky writing and fashion clad celebrities. It is highly entertaining on different levels


R: What are you most looking forward to over the next couple of months?

T: Summer vacation with my son! We have plans for Mexico, Taiwan, China, Hawaii and Europe!

K: We have so many exciting projects in store. We are launching our new site, Snob Essentials, at the end of the month. It will be all of our channels on one aggregated site. The layout and look is amazing and will be the platform for even more exciting things to come.


R: What would your readers be surprised to find out about you?

T: That I'm a total bookworm and homebody (I only go out when I have to attend events or traveling. At home it's movies, videos or legos with my son most weekend nights). I don't watch TV in real time and only watch Hulu.com about once a month to catch up on what my friends tell me I'm missing out on. I much prefer curling up with a good book and a glass of champagne.

K: I am an excellent cook and even though I sound awful, I love to sing.


Photo Courtesy of WWD