Enrique Alabata (AKA “Ike”) is Restorsea’s head of R & D working out of Los Angeles, California. This week he visited the office to bring us chocolate, crack some jokes, and work on some of our next products. We were also lucky enough to ask him some questions about life, work and of course—Restorsea.

Restorsea: How did you and Patti come up with the white tea fragrance for our Restorsea products?

Ike: Well, Patti really came up with it. She knows what she likes and she knows what she wants.  I’m not really like that—so it’s an amazing collaboration.  We basically started with over 1,000 different natural fragrances in little jars. Smelled each one—yes, each one. When Patti and I smelled the white tea, we were sold.  

R: What is the craziest way you’ve ever invented a product?

I: In the 90’s, I was playing with silicones while developing a carpet cleaner. While doing this I discovered properties of silicone that would be perfect to create that “wet-look” for hair that was so hot in the 90’s.  It wasnt too heavy like all the other products on the market. It was the first hair product that wasn’t mineral oil or glycerine based. That was pretty crazy.

R: What are some of your hobbies and interests that DON’T involve science?

I: I actually really like art. I use many different mediums including oil paint and water color. I also enjoy silkscreening, drawing and design.

R: What is a “pearl of wisdom” you have for us--being a veteran of cosmetic product development?

I: It is always more important to have fun making a product, fun is more important and the business follows the passion.