Sipping a warm cup of tea in itself is relaxing, but there are other ways to use tea besides drinking it. One popular trick with tea bags is to get a used one, cool it in the fridge, and then place it under the eyes. Because of the caffeine, the tea bag will help shrink blood vessels, reducing puffiness and dark circles. As a skin care product, tea bags can be used as a moisturizer by spritzing cold, green tea on your face to remove impurities. It can also soothe skin that's become rashy from shaving; a black tea bag on the affected area calms the skin. This method also soothe sunburns. Similarly, a cold chamomile tea bag will help minimize bug bites.

Tea can also be used in less conventional ways. To get bouncy and shiny hair, pour tea on your hair and leave it on for ten minutes before shampooing. Black tea reduces breakage while green tea is meant to stimulate hair growth. Those who suffer from smelly feet can also soak their feet in boiled black tea. Because of its anti-bacterial nature, tea will reduce the smell caused by foot sweat and close the pores of the feet.




Photo Courtesy of No Lies Radio