I was told to arrive at 5:30pm sharp for my first visit to the Battersby. I thought it was a little early for a Saturday night dinner, but I follow directions well, so I showed up at 5:30pm to find a line of people waiting for the Cobble Hill restaurant to open. Fortunately my friend Bonnie was second in line. Our friend Margot then joined us, and promptly at 5:30pm the doors opened and we were seated first come first serve.

Such is the way Battersby works. In order to eat inside, you must arrive before the typical work day ends. The tiny restaurant only has 24 seats, and fills up within minutes of its opening. By 6:00pm Battersby stops taking names.

My recommendation is the Crisp Kale salad, the Foie Grois and either the Pork Belly or the Pastrami and Cabbage. Sadly we were stuffed so we passed on their delicious looking desserts, but here’s looking to next time!



Photo courtesy of Battersby.