Q: I do use retinol every 3 days and get micro Derm treatments and I also get a peel once a month. My skin gets dry and oily breakouts from dry skin. Would this be too much?


A: So interesting that you receive micro Derm treatments.  They did not work on me.

Until using Restorsea, I too had glycolic peels every six weeks.  I have used the Restorsea Day Cream for two years and have not had to have a glycolic peel in over a year (which is a good thing as I have no time to go to the dermatologist).

You are lucky that you can use retinol based products.  My skin is sensitive and cannot tolerate this or any other enzyme (other than Restorsea) because retinol and other enzymes work by chemically burning through layers of dead and LIVING skin which cause redness, burning, thinning skin that is sensitive to light.  Restorsea's enzyme only works on dissolving dead skin cells thereby allowing the living skin cells to flourish and thrive.  This is why Restorsea provides the same benefits of glycolic acid but without any side effects.

My skin is oily and I suffer from cystic acne.  Using Restorsea has eliminated my breakouts and my need for glycolic peels.






Photo courtesy Couponers