Q: How thickly should your cream be applied?

A: Day Cream: Apply a thin area to entire face area (including nose) and if desired, neck.  You can use the spatula (included) to scoop out the correct amount but I prefer to apply with my fingers.

Eye Cream:  Apply a thin layer under the eye area starting from the outer edge (e.g. crow's feet area) towards the inner area.  Again, you can use the spatula to determine correct amount.  Please note that some users may experience a slight tingling/burning sensation. This is due to the inclusion of hesperidin, a natural extract derived from citrus fruits, which is known to increase blood circulation which causes the "pins & needles" feeling (e.g. think of when your arms goes to sleep and the tingling sensation you feel as the blood is re-circulating).  The improved blood circulation will reduce the appearance of dark circles as dark circles are caused by poor circulation which causes the blood to pool around the eye area.