On Wednesday night (July 11), Patti is flying to Oslo, Norway with April Long, the Beauty Editor of Elle Magazine; Leslie Stevens, the principal of our PR firm, LaForce + Stevens; and Alicia, a member of the LaForce + Stevens digital team. April Long writes a feature for Elle called "Beauty on Location" in which she covers new and emerging products, and the geographic areas from which the inspiration for product came. Accordingly, Restorsea will be featured in the a two-page spread in the "Beauty on Location" series in Elle's October issue. This week's trip will most definitely provide great content for this feature and other press materials to come. The itinerary includes trips to salmon hatchery that started it all, the tiny coastal town of Bergen, and the (dare we say) bustling metropolis of Oslo. This trip will underscore the product's Nordic influence and inspiration, and also its subsequent purity. The team will be on Twitter and Instagram (username: restorsea) throughout the trip, so be sure to check frequently for updates. Stay tuned for even more images and stories upon Patti's return! Image via ABT.