Salmon play a critical role in the powerful effects of Restorsea. Restorsea is a naturally-derived, anti-aging skincare line made from a proprietary enzyme that is extracted from the hatching fluid of baby salmon.

When baby salmon are born, they release the enzyme which dissolves the egg shell without harming them. The enzyme then automatically turns itself off, enabling the baby salmon to swim away unharmed. This is unique because, unlike other enzymes, the Restorsea enzyme only digests dead skin cells, allowing the living skin cells to flourish. And when it is finished digesting the dead skin cells, it turns itself off.

Salmon have so many health benefits—and not only for skin.  Eating salmon regularly has shown to improve cognitive function, eye health, cardiovascular health and even prevent cancer.  Four ounces of salmon normally contain about two grams of omega-3 fats—this is more than the average American adult consumes over the course of several days.




Photo courtesy Tooga