What if we told you that some of your everyday habits are actually affecting the results of all that work you may be doing to avoid the effects of aging around your eyes? KaplanMD found that 3 simple daily habits can work against your eye care beauty regimen.

1. Put down the salt! Eating too much salt can make under eye bags puffy and contribute to increased swelling.

2. Don't forget to moisturize your eyes! Leaving the area too dry can make your eyes look very tired. Use an eye cream at night (like our Revitalizing Eye Cream) to keep your eyes looking bright and fresh in the AM.

3. Keep your eyebrow plucking to a minimum! As you get older your eyebrow hairs begin to thin out. KaplanMD recommends using scissors when shaping your eyebrows to help “open up your eyes.”


Photo Courtesy of Healthy Dunia