About Us

Naturally derived and clinically proven, Restorsea is a prestige skincare company that emerged onto the $11.7 billion U.S. skincare market in September 2012. Our growing product line is anchored by a revolutionary, proprietary enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®, which gently exfoliates to minimize visible signs of aging without the harsh side effects of exfoliants traditionally used in anti-aging skincare.

As such, Restorsea has quickly established itself as an industry innovator, receiving immediate acclaim from celebrities, editors and beauty publications including Elle, Marie Claire, Lucky, Travel + Leisure, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle and was named “Best New Beauty Launch of 2012” by Beauty Snob.

Launching in Bergdorf Goodman in October 2012, Restorsea is currently the top selling brand in The Lab, further anchoring its position in the luxury space.

Our Beliefs

Restorsea was founded upon and maintains eight key beliefs. Why eight? In Chinese culture, the number represents fortuity and good fortune, and is also reflected in our infinity fish logo:

  1. We believe every woman (and man) deserves to have great skin
  2. We believe in telling the truth, always
  3. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering
  4. We believe when you educate a girl, everything changes
  5. We believe in products that work. We believe in clinical testing
  6. We believe in formulating with non-toxic ingredients
  7. We believe that all products should be free of harmful ingredients
  8. We believe a product should keep its promises